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December 27, 2013
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KH Minayama Bakuya by sachigami KH Minayama Bakuya by sachigami
For :iconkingyohigh:  I hope I get accepted ;v; 

Why can't I draw shotas? He looks like a iketa instead of a shota ;v;


Name: -Minayama Bakuya

Age: -17

Gender: -Male

Height: -160 cm

Weight: -47 kg

Class: A-1

Club: -Music

Likes: (atleast 3) -Quiet places, Nico Nico Douga (Shhh it's a secret), Singing sweets, short people, music, manga, novels, closed places & having friends (Coz he almost never did)

Dislikes: (atleast 3) -Crowded places, being called cute, his sister getting hurt, group work 

Sexual Preference: -Straight

History: -Bakuya was the first child in his family. From young he was very antisocial and did not have as much friends his sister did. He took studying seriously and got good grades, but he never had any friends due to his antisocial-ness. Kikuri (His sister) encouraged him to become more outgoing, but he refused thinking that it was impossible for him. He envied his sister a lot, but he cared for her. He did not like that fact that he looked "shota" and often clarified to his classmates to not call him cute.
    Still, before in Elementary, he had a friend, who was really kind to him. BUT when he and his friends got into a fight with a bully, Baku only watched and ran away because he got frightened. Later one of his classmates told him that He was a terrible friend, which made him get scared to make any friends.
     In middle school 2nd year, he saw his sister being obsessed with Nico Nico Douga, so he decided to check it out as well. Later he became interested as well, and often sang when his sister was out playing. He soon became popular, but he did not do any live performance because he had to study and he did not want Kikuri to find out that he had a NND account.  ALSO he and his cousin got into a fight because Baku accidentaly broke her cellphone and as a payback she broke his mangas and they started to hate each other.
     After his sister graduated from middle school, he and Kikuri got sent to Kingyo High, and eventually decided to trying to be a little more outgoing.

Personality: Bakuya's usually reserved and antisocial due to his shyness, and he's known to be kind of tsundere. He has trouble getting along with people, and doesn't really know what to talk about with them. He's quite serious when studying, and prefers to not be disturbed by others. Still if he opens up, he is very caring and kind. He specially cares for his sister Kikuri and is the first one to worry about her and scold at her whenever she does something dangerous. When he gets a friend he cherish it for a long time although he is afraid if he might not be a good friend. If Bakuya treats someone as a friend, smiles at them. He likes to help others in studies, if they want to that is. He often doesn't complain and sometimes wants to get into trouble like other kids. 
     Still, inside, Baku is really weak and cowardy so whenever he gets offended, he does not cry out, but when he is alone, he cries often. If he's angry, he might have a bad temper.
   He's very polite to teachers and adults. and is well mannered.


-He's a NND singer

-His sister is Kikuri (:iconroromi-chi:'s OC) i

-His Utaite name is SHUN

-He likes ghosts

-He hides too many things from people

-He likes sweets, but doesn't admit it.

-He doesn't really "like" studying, but he wants to go to a good college so he takes studying seriously

-He worries about his sister a lot

-He's weak to compliments (An easy way to befriend him)

-He keeps pet turtles in his room. (He used to have the nickname Kame-kun)

-He gets dragged into trouble by Airi often. :iconheplz:

-He LOVES Kagerou project

-He's not that athletic, but he CAN fight

-He can't cook


Tell me if I need to fix something I'll do it ASAP

Character belongs to me 

Feel free to RP with me! <333
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akura7 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love the desing :iconfangasmingplz:
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He is so cute -^^-
I like his hair, the hair tufts will look great.
MiyuKyuu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
at first i taught the green color of his hair where animal ears :iconuhuhuhuplz:
sachigami Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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hehe yesh I wanted that for his hair >v<
MiyuKyuu Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
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